SSRC Secures seL4 Membership



Our Secure Systems Research Center (SSRC) has obtained the seL4 Foundation membership that enables the Center to participate in and contribute to driving the open source for a robust hypervisor technology. The critical technology will help build a secure software stack for many edge devices such as secure communicators and drones.

seL4 is a high-assurance, high-performance operating system microkernel. Unique because of its comprehensive formal verification that does not compromise performance, it serves as a trustworthy foundation for building safety- and security-critical systems. By joining the seL4 Foundation and gaining access to the state-of-the-art, formally proven, and minimal seL4 microkernel, TII will research, contribute to and advance next-generation high-end edge device environments that focus on resilience, isolation, trust, and security.

In addition to seL4, SSRC’s memberships as part of its affiliation with the Linux Foundation include RISC V, Dronecode, and recently Confidential Computing Consortium.

The new membership to seL4 equips SSRC with access to the technical support and gives the Center the option to provide inputs to seL4 on its technical direction and specifically, drive its agenda. SSRC can now participate on all the technical discussions on other seL4 changes proposed by members and influence them while also enabling networking opportunities with members and business partners.

Dr Shreekant “Ticky” Thakkar, Chief Researcher, SSRC, said: “We look forward to participating in and contributing to the sel4 Foundation as an active member to further enhance its security, resilience functionality, and scalability for applications in edge devices.”